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Original Man Scientific LLC is a science and technology company designed to deliver the benefits of research and development to your community.

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Our Team

OMS is led by scientists and engineers who are committed to bringing inventions to life with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Tariq Muhammad

Tariq Muhammad is the Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Original Man Scientific, representing the Life Sciences Department. Hailing from Harlem, New York, Tariq was homeschooled from 4th to 10th grade and grew up with a love for science, especially medicine. At age 17, Tariq began to show passion for medical research in the area of cardiovascular biology. He began his own independent research project on the treatment of atherosclerosis. At age 19, Tariq caught the attention of a researcher, formerly of the Pauley Heart Center at Virginia Commonwealth University. It was then, he received basic medical research training to aid him in his research pursuits. Tariq attended Virginia State University, earning a position in their agricultural research station just 12 days into his freshman year, and gained a firm interest in agriculture to add unique integrated features to his medical research, which include more plant-based approaches to human disease. Tariq also worked with Virginia Polytechnic Institute working on research involving bacteria. In 2014, Tariq used his knowledge of science and business to begin his very own research brand, the Navy Bean Experimental Research Station, to explore the biological and chemical potential of the navy bean. The following year, Tariq founded Original Man Scientific to help others with their research and development. Tariq is currently working on his continued atherosclerosis research and other projects related to biomedical sciences, including applied therapeutic innovations for diabetes, thyroid disease, upper respiratory infections such as those caused by viruses, and much more. Tariq is now embarking on the development of wearable technologies and innovations involving some engineering concepts and is now the owner of a growing nursing agency. In addition to his love for science, Tariq is also a dedicated husband to his wife, Keaira.

Jabril Muhammad

 Jabril Muhammad is the Director of Engineering at Original Man Scientific, representing the Engineering Sciences Department. A proud Philadelphia native, Jabril is young, energetic, charismatic, with a love for the arts, and a genuine desire to serve his community. Jabril was homeschooled for 7 years (2nd to 9th grade), where he has received a unique, eclectic education and learned of his interest in and passion for STEM. He attended George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science and earned a Bachelor’s of Science and Engineering degree (BSE) in Materials Science & Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. He is the right-hand man to Tariq Muhammad, and intends to use his technical and interpersonal expertise to help further the OMS mission. Additionally, Jabril is a Materials Engineer and In-Service Engineering Agent (ISEA) at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Division (NSWCPD), where he supports obsolescence issues, inspections, validations, testing, and design reviews for naval ship auxiliary fluid systems. His ultimate goal is to found an engineering firm geared toward materials development and innovation, which will be an extension of OMS!


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