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In February of 2012, OMS Founder, Tariq Muhammad, began a medical research project involving atherosclerosis, which later became part of a research program; The Navy Bean Experimental Research Station (NBERS). This program explores the biological, chemical, and industrial capacity of the navy bean. Muhammad wanted his efforts to extend opportunity as well, so he created a community-based research & development brand and company called Original Man Scientific, to focus on more than just his research, and include the interests and goals of students and researchers in other areas of science & technology. 

History of The Navy Bean Experimental Research Station

Things that definitely happened


Therapeutic Design for Atherosclerosis

This was the beginning of NBERS, where Tariq began to develop a product to treat plaque buildup in human arteries.


Amino Acids Research for Nutraceutical development 

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. The products developed from this project will be used to treat hormonal deficiencies.


Prosthesis development

OMS partnered with Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine to develop bio-prosthetic devices for heart valve disease.


Antibiotics development

Antibiotics are used to prevent the spread of bacterial infections. The NBERS antibiotics are formulated to reduce the bacterial spread without adverse reactions. 

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